Solar energy for a better life
Choose solar energy, innovative, eco-friendly, smart energy that brings more value to your home and business.
Combination of wind, solar and energy storage systems
The combination of wind and light systems allows for the freedom of electricity consumption in the home
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Main products

We not only provide wind turbines, solar panels, controllers, inverters, batteries, AC PMG generators, etc, we also accept free design Solar Wind energy system according to your situation and request.  
We have our own experience in researching and technician team who can design and custom most reliable and flexible solutions to customers with different situations. OEM and ODM service are both acceptable for all kinds of projects. Best performance with long term warranty and good after-sale is our pursue for clients. 

✅1. We are manufacturer of wind turbine for more than 15 years. and we have our own R&D team.
✅2. Our boss start to do whole wind and solar and batteries system design system for clients for more than 8 years.
✅3. We have CE certifications
✅4.we have warehouse in Poland, Spain, Russian, USA, Brasil and Saudi arabic.. to support distributors
✅5. We have warranty and after service for you with agreement.

Solar Panel

Full links for solar panel, Mono/Poly/Perc/Half Cell/Bifacial/Shingled PV Panel.

Solar System

Customized solar system ,From solar panel to inverter to the screws


Energy household systems, Solar energy communication base station, Mobile energy storage

solar panel

Controller & Inverter

Inverters are an integral part of a solar power system. They convert the direct current generated by solar panels into direct current.

Wind Turbine

Various power size specifications, horizontal axis, vertical axis wind turbines

Mounting Structure

Solar racking and mounting structure system designed with great flexibility both for commercial and residential

Logistics and transportation are globally accessible,Over 20 agents worldwide

Over 110GW solar modules shipments,Over 3GWh battery storage shipments

Customers in more than 70 countries work with us, with more than 6 overseas warehouses worldwide.

Over 8 manufacturing facilities in Asia

Home energy storage devices

Home Energy Storage Devices

We have top-notch industry-university-research chain resources and strong R&D
capabilities, and has formed multiple product series, including battery management
systems (BMS), energy management systems (EMS), energy routers, energy storage
inverters, battery systems, and other products have been certified and approved by
many international authorities such as TUV, SAA, CEC, and China Electric Power
Research Institute.

Industrial Energy Storage Equipment

Manages, monitors and optimizes the lifecycle of power from Storage to Distribution, Load Management, Grid
Feed, Back-up Power, and Revenue Management
Sophisticated AI optimizes power usage, charge/discharge, revenue management, and maintenance

Commercial energy storage equipment

Wind And Solar Power Systems

SMARAAD is a global energy storage system brand. SMARAAD is a leading domestic
high-tech enterprise, specializing in solar energy, wind power plants, industrial and
commercial energy storage systems, household solar storage integrated machines,
lithium battery management systems, energy storage converters, smart energy
control, management system development, production, manufacturing and sales.

Optical Storage And Charging Applications

Provide integrated photovoltaic storage solutions, reduce the footprint and enhance the utilization of space, increase the operational efficiency by 50% compared with the traditional independent photovoltaic storage system, and accept grid scheduling to increase revenue.

Gel Battery

Utilizing wind energy to drive the impeller to rotate, converting wind energy into mechanical energy, and then converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through a generator

LiFePO4 Battery

Converting solar energy to DC electrical energy using solar cells

Portable Multi-Function Battery

Used to store excess power for use when there is insufficient wind or light to improve the system’s power supply capacity and economics

Wall Mounted Battery

Used to control the output power of wind turbines or solar panels, protect batteries from overcharging or over-discharging damage and improve the stability of the system

Stacked Battery

Used to convert DC energy into AC energy for use by loads or for integration into the power grid

Do you want a solution that can provide stable, safe and efficient power to your digital devices anytime, anywhere?

A number of patents and high-precision production equipment for quality assurance.

Solar Energy Workshop

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