China’s single largest surface floating photovoltaic power plant full capacity and grid-connected power generation

China’s largest single, comprehensive utilization of coal mining subsidence area idle water surface of the most floating photovoltaic power station – Anhui Fuyang south wind power base surface floating photovoltaic power station (hereinafter referred to as Fuyang surface photovoltaic power station) 27 to realize the full capacity of grid power.

It is understood that the Fuyang surface PV power station is one of the sub-projects of the 1.2 million kilowatts of wind power storage base project in southern Fuyang, Anhui Province (hereinafter referred to as the Fuyang base project), with a total installed capacity of 650,000 kilowatts, and a total of about 1.2 million photovoltaic modules, 85.8 million floats and accessories installed, with an average annual generating capacity of 700 million kilowatt-hours throughout the entire lifecycle, and an annual saving of about 220,000 tons of standard coal, and an emission reduction of about 580,000 tons of carbon dioxide tons.

In total, we have planned more than 13,000 acres of idle water surface in the coal mining subsidence area for the construction of floating photovoltaic power stations, which not only makes effective use of idle water surface resources, but also covers the water surface to reduce evaporation, inhibit excessive growth of algae in the water, complete water purification through reasonable layout of photovoltaic modules, effectively protect the ecological environment, realize long-term protection of the aquatic environment, and build a shallow lake with the ability of self-regulation of water. Ecosystem

It is reported that Fuyang base project is one of the large-scale wind power and photovoltaic base projects with an installed capacity of about 100 million kilowatts in the first phase of China, and it is also the first new energy large-scale wind base project in the Yangtze River Delta region, which adopts the new energy basing development mode that organically combines wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, and subsidence area management, and integrates the efficient utilization of wind resources with the comprehensive management of coal mining and subsidence area in depth, and it mainly consists of 650,000 kW It mainly includes 650,000 kilowatts of floating photovoltaic power station on the water surface and 550,000 kilowatts of wind power plant, and at the same time, it is equipped with a 300 megawatt/600 megawatt-hour energy storage power station, which will improve the volatility of power feed-in and further enhance the reliability of power supply.

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