How to buy a good small wind turbine?

Small wind turbine under 10kw. Compared with medium-sized and large wind turbines, it has the advantages of being small and flexible, easy to install, low cost, low requirements for starting wind speed, cost-effective, and can be complemented with photovoltaic and other power generation devices.

Small wind turbines have not only become the first choice for farmers and herdsmen, but also for urban construction, urban residents, enterprises and institutions to carry out energy-saving renovation.

  Well, in addition to the wind resource situation, electricity consumption, inverter and battery situation and how to install, small wind turbine generator itself is the key to the choice.

  I put forward a few suggestions for friends to refer to.

  1, wind blade: it is best to use high-strength nylon composite materials, high strength, good toughness, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, resistance to gusty winds, with good aerodynamic performance and unique strong wind stall protection characteristics. Mold one-time die-casting forming, weight error is small.

  2, bearings: preferably imported, or domestic first-line brands, such as Japan NSK bearings, high efficiency, wear-resistant, durable up to 20 years.

  3, magnets: magnets must be the use of rare earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnets, high efficiency and light weight, less energy consumption, high output power.

  4, anti-strong wind tail design: there must be a rudder pre-bias design, automatically and accurately aligned with the direction of the wind, improve the output power while taking into account the adjustment and strong wind protection.

  5, carbon brushes and brush ring structure: the use of such a device, the wind turbine can be passed from the carbon brush to the brush ring, the brush ring will lead the electricity; wind turbine will rotate with the rotation of the cable to eliminate the phenomenon of being twisted off.

  6, connection: the best use of casing connection, high security, will not occur flying phenomenon, the installation industry is very convenient. To know in the field to install the fan is not only technical work, is also physical work. Easy to install for field installers is a gospel.

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