Inferred Energy N-Type TOPCon Battery Tested at 26.61% Efficiency

Inferred Energy has once again received a test report from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) for its N-Type TOPCon bifacial battery. The results of this report show that the test efficiency of Inferred Energy’s N-type TOPCon bifacial battery reached 26.61%, once again setting a new record and ranking among the top efficiency ladder in the industry.

The average conversion efficiency of N-type TOPCon battery reaches 26.61%, which is not only a record high in the history of Yingfa, but also far ahead in the whole industry. The continuous improvement of the testing efficiency of N-Type TOPCon battery is the result of the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence of INFACT. In the face of the limiting efficiency theory of 28.7% of N-Type TOPCon battery, INFACT has the ability, confidence, and courage to challenge the breakthrough continuously.
As an innovation-driven enterprise, Inventec holds the entrepreneurial spirit of “Pursuing Excellence, Challenging the Ultimate” and unswervingly pursues excellence in solar cell R&D and manufacturing. With the market as the guide, we have continuously pushed forward and launched a series of new products to meet the market demand.
Yibin Yingfa Dekun Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2023 was formally launched on July 31, 2023, and the first monocrystalline silicon rods were formally produced on December 30, and the annual production capacity will be up to 12GW after the commissioning, which is a major strategic layout for Yingfa Ruineng to perfect its industrial chain, further optimize the industrial structure, enhance the level of the industry, and add bricks and mortar to the enterprise vision of Yingfa, “making clean and environmentally friendly new energy affordable to all”. The vision of “making clean and environmentally friendly new energy affordable and accessible to all” will be strengthened by Yingfa.
It is worth mentioning that although the testing efficiency of Inventec’s N-Type TOPCon battery has already reached the leading level in the industry, Inventec does not stop. Looking ahead, Inventec will continue to increase its investment in research and development, and take scientific and technological innovation as the lead to further improve the efficiency and reliability of N-Type TOPCon batteries, and energize the sustainable development of the global new energy industry.

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