Introduction to wind-solar complementary power generation system

Complementary characteristics of wind and solar hybrid power systems

  Solar and wind energy have strong complementary characteristics in time and geography:

  ◆ On sunny days the sun is more abundant and the wind is relatively less; ◆ On cloudy days the sun is weak, but cloudy and rainy days are accompanied by high winds.

  ◆ On cloudy and rainy days, the sunlight is weak, but the rainy days are accompanied by high winds, so the wind resources are relatively more; ◆ At night, when there is no sunlight, the wind resources are relatively more.

  ◆When there is no sunshine in the evening, the air flow leads to the formation of wind due to the big temperature difference.

   Therefore, according to the complementary characteristics of wind and light, the use of wind and light complementary system can be a good solution to the power supply problem of the power generation system and realize continuous and stable power supply.

During the daytime when there is light, photovoltaic modules under the sunlight irradiation photoelectric conversion occurs, generating electricity, providing energy for the load to work, and at the same time storing the excess energy in the battery.

  At night or in cloudy or rainy weather conditions, the blades are driven by the wind to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, generating electricity to provide energy for the loads to work and storing the excess energy in the battery.

  In the absence of sunlight and wind, the power stored in the battery is directly released to supply the load.

The working modes of wind and solar complementary independent power generation system are as follows:

  ◆Mixed power mode: PV array and wind turbine provide energy at the same time; ◆No wind mode: wind speed is not enough, only PV array provides load and battery pack required energy

  ◆No wind mode: wind speed is insufficient, wind turbine is not started, only PV array provides load and energy required by battery pack; ◆No light mode: only wind turbine works; ◆Wind power system is working as follows

  ◆No light mode: only the wind turbine works; ◆Battery discharge mode: the wind turbine works at the same time.

  ◆Battery discharge mode: wind turbine and PV array are not working, only the backup battery pack provides energy for the load.

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