100W Mini Power station

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Mini Power station
Battery capacity: 60000 MA   100W
Battery type: polymer lithium-ion battery
C1 100W
C2 100W
A1 30W
A2 30W
A3 5V3A
C1+A1=5V3A (same circuit)
C1 A1 is one way & C2 A2 A3 is one way

Key Description
1) Top button, long press to turn on or off side lights
2) Double click to turn on or off the top face light
3) After turning on the light, click to dim the brightness, burst, and SOS signal light
4) Press the button below and click to check the battery level
5) When two channels are output simultaneously, click the button to switch between displaying the power of each channel, and double-click to close the outputKey Description

5PCS in one Carton
Product weight: 1.4KG
Product size: 155 x 86.8cm




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