25.6V/100Ah Portable Outdoor Mobile Power Lifepo4 Battery BMS system protection support fast charging multiple output methods


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25.6V/100Ah Portable Power Supply

Product Description:

The product is an smart storage battery with LiFeCoPO4 lithium-ion batteries for mobile power
Main Features:
A+ grade lithium iron phosphate cell, safe and reliable.
2560Wh,Large energy.
Excellent performance in Charging and discharging at large current.
Free telescopic pull rod, pulley drag, effortless, convenient travel.
Multiple protection functions. Charging high voltage protection, discharge low voltage protection, charging and discharging, over current protection, high temperature
protection, short protection. reverse connection protection, ESD protection.
3000W output power, all compatible with household appliances.

Basic Characteristics:

Cell: LiFeCoPO4 3.2V/100Ah
Array mode: 8S1P
Battery pack capacity: 100Ah
Energy capacity of battery: ≥2.56KWH
Output rating: 3kW
Input rating: 0.24Kw
Peak power: 3kW
USB interface (total output power): 5V2A
Cigarette lighter interface (output): 12V
AC interface (output): 3kW
Charging time: 8-10h
Charge mode: Charger
Storage temperature: 1 month: -20℃〜45℃
1 year:0℃〜35℃
Cell cycle life :≥2500 times remaining 80%
BMS system protection:Overcharge, overcurrent, overdischarge, overvoltage,
overtemperature, overload,
equalization, recovery, shortcircuit protection

Storage Conditions

If the product is stored for a long time, please charge the battery pack to about 60% of the
electricity, put it in the dry and ventilated place, and charge the charger for 3 hours (10A charge)
every 3 months.Batteries and chargers should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated places.
Avoid contact with corrosive substances, away from fire sources and heat sources.

Battery Handling Precautions:

Do not put the battery pack into the water or soak it!
It is forbidden to charge battery pack under fire source or extremely hot condition. Do not
use or store batteries near heat sources (such as fire or heater). If the battery leaks or smells, it
should be removed immediately from the open flame. The first time you use batteries, you need
to charge the battery and use it again!
Do not reverse the positive and negative!
Do not put the battery pack into the fire or heat the battery pack!
No wires or other metal objects are allowed to short circuit the positive and negative poles
of the battery pack!

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