MPPT charging controller Solar controller 800W wind 1000W 12V 24V 48V automatic adjustment household wind generator


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MPPT charging controller Solar controller 800W wind 1000W 12V 24V 48V automatic adjustment household wind generator



Thank you for purchasing our product(s). This manual is provided to people who need to install and operate the controller. Read this manual before any work with controller and keep it carefully. The contents of this manual will be periodically updated or revised if necessary. However discrepancies cannot be excluded. Please refer to the actual product(s).
General Safety Information

Ø Before receive the product, check it carefully. Make sure whether the product is damaged during transport. If it is damaged, contact the shipping company or our company immediately.

Ø All installation and electrical work must only be performed by professional personnel.

Ø Without any professional guidance, do not disassemble or attempt to repair the controller.

Ø Do not use the controller without batteries.

Ø Do not cut off the connection of controller and batteries when controller is working normally.

Ø Keep children away from controller.

Ø Do not allow water to enter the controller.

Ø Confirm that power connections are tightened to avoid excessive heating from a loose connection. Make sure cables are suitable for system.


Ø The product is warranted for one year from the date of shipment to the original end user.

Ø During warranty period, if failure occurs when the product normal using, our company will repair or replace the failure product.

Ø Out of warranty period, we supply repair service, but for charges.

Ø This warranty is only provided to buyers who have bought the product and signed the CI with us, and the warranty is nontransferable.

Ø Our company reserves the right to change products and without notice when products update.

This warranty does not apply under the following conditions:

§ Damage by not operating in accordance with user manual.

§ Damage by accident, negligence, abuse or improper use.

§ Unauthorized product modification or attempted repair.

§ Damage occurring during shipment

1 Product Introduction

This kind of windsolar hybrid streetlight controller is special design for small off-grid he course of which wind generator and solar panels charge to batteries safely and efficiently.

1.1 Functions and Feature

Ø Wind generator MPPT boost charging function.

Ø PWM dump load of wind, external dump-load resistance, intelligent disconnection of Solar charging.

Ø Dual power supply function: Battery + solar power supply.

Ø LCD displays parameters such as voltage and current of wind, solar and load .Some parameters can be set by users.

Ø DC output with 3 output modes.

Ø The inner circuit board of the controller is sprayed with conformal coating to prevent dust, moisture and static electricity.

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1. The product warranty period is within 1 year after purchase. (Damage caused by dismantling, manual damage, etc. is not covered by the warranty).
2. If the buyer finds that there is indeed a problem with the product within seven days after receiving the product, buyer could applied to seller to return for inspection. If the product is indeed defective, we will replace it with a new one. If there is no suitable substitute And we will refund you. Shipping, handling and insurance fees are non-refundable. If it is found that there is no problem with the product, the product will be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense.
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12V 24V AUTO


600W Wind

Rated Voltage&Controller Type

600W Solar&Package 1


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