Prospect of wind and solar complementary street light

In recent years, wind-solar hybrid street lamp gradually into our line of sight, urban and rural roads can be seen everywhere, its simple installation, beautiful appearance, rely on wind generators and solar energy without the need to consume the characteristics of the grid power has really attracted the attention of the people.
Wind and solar hybrid street light is an emerging field of new energy utilization, which can not only reduce the dependence on conventional electricity for urban lighting, but also provide a new solution for rural lighting. It can also be configured with different models of wind turbines according to different climatic environments, with the aim of maximizing the use of wind energy within limited conditions.

The wind and light complementary street light system makes full use of green and clean energy, realizes zero power consumption, zero emission and zero pollution, and is widely used in the fields of roads, landscapes, community lighting and monitoring, communication base stations, ships and so on. With no need to lay transmission lines, no need to excavate the road surface to bury pipes, no consumption of electricity and other characteristics, unique advantages for urban road construction, gardening and other municipal lighting to make contributions.
Wind and light complementary street lamp features:

1、Environmental protection–Zero emission of pollution;

2, energy saving – anti-wind energy and light energy into electrical energy;

3、Saving – save a lot of conventional power distribution facilities;

4, safety – mature technology, safe and reliable;

5, beautiful – become a unique landscape.

Wind and light complementary street light main application areas:

Seawater desalination, urban landscape, science education, microwave communications, military posts, islands and mountains, Gobi grasslands, forest fire prevention, air defense alarm, remote rural areas.
At present, energy saving and emission reduction is a direction strongly advocated by our country, wind and solar hybrid street light is widely favored for customers to promote the appropriate rate of wind and solar power generation, to provide you with perfect system solutions.

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