SMARAAD will provide a full range of industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, from problem diagnosis, to system design, to solution delivery and operation and maintenance.

The intelligent energy management system of Eternal is equipped with AI technology for adaptability and adaptation.
to ensure that users with multiple application requirements can still realize a higher economic value

Any questions?

    A:Very easy, every customer can do it by themselves, we will supply all the components for installation and very detailed manual for you. If you still have confusion, our technician could support you all the time by video to make sure there is no mistake of connection.

   A: Normally better within 10m from wind turbine to controller, and controller to batteries, Batteries and inverter to load within 20-50m.

   A:For same watts at same wind speed, the output of horizontal axis wind turbines is more efficient than that of vertical axis wind turbines. But if your wind speed is very low, we suggest you to use our vertical SS type.If your wind speed is over 8m/s, our vertical wind turbine are also with around 80-90% efficiency. No noise is the most popular points.

    A: Please contact our sales with following points:
1. What appliance do you want to running by the system? How many watts are they and their working time.
2. Your annual average wind speed .you could check on google with your exact site
3. What kinds of system do you want ?On-grid or off-grid?

    A: Sure, Smaraad is a one stop energy solution provider, we have qualified technician team to design for your system, including wind turbine,solar panel system and storage system, we will provide clear installation instruction and you only need to ask a echnician to install it for you. And most of parts, we have warehouse in Poland, Russian, Spain and USA.
A: Sure, our products have sold to more than 40 countries and our products have been approved by local rules and test very good function.
    A:Normally for wind turbine below 1kw, we have stock in China or in Our warehouse in EU, Russian, so it could delivery within 1-3days after payment received
    A: Please talk with our sales for this, our company are warmly welcome more partner to join us, but you have to double check for some area we have agents already.

About our services

We love our work and new energy, so we provide high quality service!

Do you want clean, renewable, economical power for your home or business? Are you tired of relying on unstable, polluting and expensive conventional energy sources? Do you want to utilize natural resources and contribute to environmental protection and social development?

If your answer is yes, then you need our new energy wind turbines and solar generators! One-stop service to bring convenience to customers.

Our new energy wind turbines and solar generators are devices that utilize wind and solar energy to generate electricity with the following advantages:

Clean: It does not produce any harmful waste gas, waste water and waste residue, and will not cause pollution and damage to the environment;
Renewable: wind and solar energy are unlimited and non-exhaustible sources of energy that can provide electricity steadily over a long period of time;
Economical: wind and solar energy are free and non-purchasable sources of energy, requiring only a one-time investment in equipment to enjoy low operating and maintenance costs;
Flexible: wind and solar generators can be flexibly configured and installed according to your power needs and site conditions, and can be used individually or in parallel with the grid, which can be adapted to various power scenarios;


Quality Assurance

Products with quality assurance and certificates

Rapid Transit

Fast delivery from 6 overseas warehouses around the world

Financial Security

Multiple secure and encrypted payment methods

Environmentally Friendly

Clean and renewable energy for every household

Beautiful nature

Solar generators and wind turbines: renewable energy options for the future

Solar power generators and wind power generators are two types of power generation equipment that utilize renewable energy, and their application and popularization are conducive to saving energy, reducing pollution, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.
The advantages of solar generators are clean, no noise, no emission and low maintenance cost. The application and popularization of solar generators have been supported by the government and recognized by the society, and they have been widely used in the fields of residence, commerce, industry and agriculture.
The advantages of wind generators are clean, emission-free, renewable, and low operating costs. The application and popularization of wind power generators have also been supported by the government and recognized by society, and a large number of wind farms have been built in the sea, mountainous areas, plains and other areas

Solar and wind turbines
Solar and wind turbines
Solar and wind turbines


Client’s support is the Best Reward

Smaraad’s wind turbines and solar panels are very cost-effective, and we’ve seen significant energy cost savings since we’ve worked with them. The quality of their products is reliable and their after-sales service is prompt. We will be working together for a long time

Jiza Sikuanza

Our company has been working with smaraad for many years and their wind turbines and solar panels are of very good quality. We have ordered a large number of products and have never had a quality problem. Their service is also very attentive, we are very satisfied and will continue to recommend them to our friends.

Peter Monier

Our farm operates a livestock farming business. By introducing Smaraad’s wind turbines and solar panels, our farming business has gotten a huge boost. Their products have saved us a lot of money on energy costs. Our facility is now more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the quality of our products has improved significantly. 

Sara Carter

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