Small wind turbine installation site selection

A good installation site should have two minimum requirements: higher average wind speed and weaker turbulence.

  (1) The higher the average wind speed, the higher the output power and generation capacity of the small wind turbine.

  The energy of the wind is proportional to the third power of the wind speed. Example: The wind energy of 5m/s wind speed is about twice as much as the wind energy of 4m/s wind speed.

  (2) small wind turbine installed at the location of the air flow is not stable, turbulence is serious, small wind turbine fan by the destructive force will be large, not conducive to the long-term safe operation of small wind turbines, and turbulence will also significantly reduce the amount of power generation.

  The tower of the wind turbine is as high as possible, because the higher it is from the ground, the higher the wind speed and the smoother the airflow.

  In flat areas, the recommended installation height of a small wind turbine should not be less than 8 m. Trees and buildings of all kinds can form obstacles to the airflow, and the airflow in front of and behind these obstacles will form a slow and turbulent area, so the wind turbine should be avoided to be installed in this type of area. The height of the tower should be at least 2m higher than the highest obstacle within 100m.

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