The future of small wind turbines

Wind energy, as an option in the sustainable development energy policy, has been developed and utilized on a larger scale in China in recent years, especially small wind turbines. Especially in Inner Mongolia has been supported by the government and adapted to the local natural resources and the needs of the masses, effectively solving the remote areas living in dispersed farmers and herdsmen of the masses of living electricity and part of the production of electricity needs. Small wind turbines have been widely used in street lighting, offshore and communication base stations.

Small wind turbines are generally composed of wind wheel, generator, tail, tower, controller, battery, inverter and other components. The wind wheel of small wind turbine is mostly composed of 2-3 blades, which is the component that converts wind energy into mechanical energy. Currently there are two main materials for wind turbine blades. One is fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material, which is generally hand-pasted with glass cloth and blended epoxy resin inside the model, and filled with some filler materials in the inner cavity. My company produces small wind turbine wind turbine blade using high-strength nylon resin composite material, this material wind blade is generally shorter, injection molding with mold, high production efficiency, good toughness, UV protection, corrosion resistance, resistance to gusty winds, with good aerodynamic performance. Generator is generally used is a permanent magnet alternator, by the wind turbine drive generator generated by the alternating current after rectification into a direct current can be stored in the battery.

China’s wind and other new energy power generation industry has a very broad development prospects, is expected to maintain rapid development for a long time to come. As an energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy, small wind power generation market has great potential. With the localization of China’s wind power equipment, wind and solar hybrid systems and other new technologies are maturing, small wind turbine-related equipment manufacturing, small wind power technology research and development, wind power street lamps and other areas have become a hot spot for investment, the market outlook is promising.

Household small wind turbine and wind-solar hybrid power generation system technology as the core product, according to customer demand, to provide various power segments of small and medium-sized wind turbine products, more able to provide solutions for customers. It is believed that wind energy will become a transformative new industry in the energy industry in the near future.

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