The largest wind farm with installed capacity at ultra-high altitude goes into operation

Naqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region, Oma Tingga wind farm was officially put into operation on January 1 to generate electricity, with a total installed capacity of 100 megawatts, for the current ultra-high altitude areas of our country built and put into operation of the single capacity, the largest installed size of the wind farm. This wind farm can provide about 200 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity each year, saving about 60,000 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of about 160,000 tons.

Oma Tingga wind farm is located in Naqu City, Saini District, Naqu Township, the site average elevation of 4650 meters, with a total investment of 640 million yuan, using 25 sets of permanent magnet direct-drive wind turbines with a stand-alone capacity of 4.0 megawatts. This is the first new energy project approved and filed for construction in Tibet in 2023, creating a new energy project construction record in Tibet of “approved in that year, started in that year and completed in that year”.

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