What are the types of wind turbines?

The emergence of wind turbines has given remote areas a solution to the problem of electricity consumption. In the country’s strong advocacy, wind energy resources began to receive general attention. What exactly are the types of wind turbines, let’s take a look.

1、Categorized by power

Generally speaking, wind turbines with power generation of 10KW and below are called small wind turbines, those with power of 10KW to 100KW are called medium-sized wind turbines, and those with power of more than 100KW are called large wind turbines, and the larger ones are like megawatt-class.

2、Categorized according to the axial position

According to the axial position, can be divided into horizontal axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine.

(1) Horizontal axis wind turbine: horizontal axis wind turbine wind turbine rotates around a horizontal axis, the wind turbine axis parallel to the wind direction, the wind turbine blades are radially mounted, perpendicular to the axis of rotation, and with the wind turbine’s rotating plane into an angle (known as the installation angle). The number of wind wheel blades for 1 to 10 (mostly 3, 5, 6), starting wind speed is low, 2 m wind start, it has a high wind energy utilization rate at high speed operation.

(2) Vertical-axis wind turbine: The wind wheel of a vertical-axis wind turbine rotates around a vertical axis, and the wind wheel axis is perpendicular to the wind direction. Its advantage is that it can accept wind from any direction, thus when the wind direction changes, there is no need for wind.

The common wind turbine in daily life is the horizontal axis wind turbine, horizontal axis wind turbine compared to the vertical axis of the advantages are: starting wind speed is low, the structure is simple, the maximum power of the horizontal axis wind turbine in the current 5MW or so.

Vertical-axis wind turbine is not widely used because of its starting wind speed, complex structure and other shortcomings, restricting its application, but the vertical wind turbine does not need to wind direction, low speed, no noise and other advantages, in special occasions can be a large number of promotion of experiments.

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