What should I pay attention to when installing a small wind turbine?

Recently, our sales staff often receive customer inquiries about the installation of small wind turbines, worrying about not being able to install, unstable installation, poor use and other issues? I believe you will also have such doubts. Well, for many customers who have not been in contact with the installation really do not have any concept of what to do? Today to introduce you to a few points about installation considerations.
Small wind turbine installation needs to pay attention to the following points:

First, the installation of small wind turbines can only be carried out in weather conditions where the wind speed does not exceed 3m/s to ensure operational safety.

Second, the installation of small wind turbine light poles and towers, the material must be strong, wall thickness in the range of 2.5MM-6MM, tower selection with zipper, high safety factor, the size of the ground cage is slightly larger.

Third, wind turbine blades, tail assembly, need to tighten every nut, so as not to the air nut rotation phenomenon.

Fourth, when lifting, in addition to the operator, other people are not allowed in the light pole length as the radius of the circle area, to prevent parts falling, accidents.

Fifth, before installing on the light pole and the top of the tower, the operator must fasten the installation belt, wear a helmet, and do all the protection measures. Tools are uniformly passed up with a rope.

Through the above for “small wind turbine installation precautions” content, it seems that the installation is simple, but the safety of outdoor construction knowledge should be borne in mind, the measures are also essential. As the saying goes, professional things, to professional people, we provide professional technical installation support, can help you solve any problems encountered in the installation process, I believe that our professional guidance, so that you install the wind turbine has become simple and easy to understand.

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